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GSList* hildon_uri_get_actions ( const gchar *  scheme,
GError **  error 

hildon_uri_action_get_actions: : A const pointer to a scheme. : The address of a pointer to a structure. This is optional and can be NULL.

: Use () instead.

This returns a pointer to all actions associated with the . The can be obtained from a URI by calling hildon_uri_get_scheme_from_uri().

If NULL is returned and is NULL then there is no default for . If NULL is returned and is non-NULL, it will hold the error that occurred while trying to obtain a list of actions.

Return: A of actions associated with the . This list is freed using ().

Definition at line 1482 of file hildon-uri.c.

Referenced by hildon_uri_open().

      GSList        *actions = NULL;
      GSList        *desktop_files;
      GSList        *l;
      gchar         *filename;

      g_return_val_if_fail (scheme != NULL && scheme[0] != '\0', NULL);

      desktop_files = uri_get_desktop_files_by_scheme (scheme);

      for (l = desktop_files; l; l = l->next) {
            GSList *actions_found;

            filename = l->data;

            actions_found = uri_get_desktop_file_actions (filename, scheme);
            if (actions_found) {
                  actions = g_slist_concat (actions, actions_found);

      g_slist_foreach (desktop_files, (GFunc) g_free, NULL);
      g_slist_free (desktop_files);
      return actions;

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